WORLDCOM AWARD 2024 in Tokyo Held on Jun 5, 2024

WORLDCOM Public Relations Group to Recognize Eight Japanese Companies

2024-06-14 17:15 출처: AZ WORLDCOM JAPAN Co., Ltd.

WORLDCOM AWARD 2024 - Ceremony (Photo: Business Wire)

TOKYO--(뉴스와이어)--WORLDCOM Public Relations Group held its inaugural “WORLDCOM AWARD 2024 in Tokyo” ceremony in Tokyo, recognizing companies that should be highlighted globally from Japan. The event was organized by AZ WORLDCOM JAPAN Co., Ltd., a member of the WORLDCOM Public Relations Group since 1992. The award ceremony took place on June 5, with representatives from eight distinguished companies receiving accolades from WORLDCOM Public Relations Group’s representatives and key executives. Following the ceremony, a reception was held, attended by over 100 participants from 28 countries, celebrating the achievements in grand style.

“Each of these companies is truly outstanding and deserves to be showcased to the world. We hope this recognition will further contribute to their continued prosperity.” said Stefan Pollack, chairman of the WORLDCOM Public Relations Group and president of the Pollack Group.

“WORLDCOM AWARD 2024 in Tokyo” - Winners

· Arcuss Japan Inc.

President and CEO: Nobuaki Matsubara


President and CEO: Takenori Yamamura

· SAKURA Co.,Ltd.

CEO: Kazuyoshi Takahashi

· NALU Co.,Ltd.

President and CEO: Tomoko Hori

· Holon System Co.,Ltd

Chairman: Masahiro Kobayashi

· Yokobiki Shutter Co.,Ltd.

CEO: Shinjiro Ichikawa

· Manyou Kensetsu

CEO: Shunichi Sasaki

· GATES Inc.

CEO: Yuji Sekino

About the WORLDCOM Public Relations Group

The WORLDCOM Public Relations Group is the world’s leading partnership of independently owned public relations firms, with 143 offices employing some 2,000 staff in 115 cities across six continents. In total, WORLDCOM partners reported combined revenue of US$350+ million last year from 3,034 clients. Established in 1988, the group was formed so that the strongest, most capable independent firms could deliver immediate impact and sustained value through the intelligent use of communications - wherever in the world a client needs support. Partners serve national, international, and multinational clients.

About AZ WORLDCOM Japan Co., Ltd.

AZ WORLDCOM JAPAN Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, based in Tokyo, Japan, and provides a wide range of PR consulting services for both B2B and B2C clients domestically and internationally. The company has been a member of the WORLDCOM Public Relations Group for over 30 years, contributing significantly to the group’s global PR initiatives.

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